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AllLove Leaders

The leadership team at AllLove Faith Church consists of ordained clergy and believers with the confidence to guide you in faith, answer spiritual questions, pray with you and help you in your spiritual walk.

Bishop  Georgia Peters, Pastor

Bishop Georgia Peters received her Doctorates of Divinity at Pneuma Theological Seminary with over 30 years ministry experience in all areas of the church.


Bishop Georgia Peters is a spiritual nurturer with a passion for teaching and bringing out the gifts in each person she encounters.


God has elevated her because of her dedication and faithfulness to the Kingdom of God. She is a hard working servant for God and loves His people with a Shepherds heart.

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Elder Tamika Peters

Elder Tamika Peters leads worship to accurately discern the heart of God to draw you into an intimate experience with God. She’s the YLC Leader, and Business Administrator.

Evangelist Marcella Lazarus

Ministerial Staff

Evangelist Marcella Lazarus is a Prayer Warrior and  Prophetess. Teaching and educating everyone in Intercession. She's the founder of Open Heaven Prayer Ministry

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